Inspiration comes from many places, and for Mike Murphy it comes quite naturally. Having lived through many of life's challenges, Mike has drawn from his own personal journey for his refreshing approach on the guitar. You can hear it in his playing. You can feel it when he bends a string, digging deep down into his being. With one phrase he can project joy and happiness, while with another, he can paint a picture of extreme suffering, tribulation or pain.

Mike takes you on a cinematic musical journey by playing with such intensity and passion that you are immediately drawn into his private world. His playing is instantly recognizable by his unique phrasing and tone. His touch on the strings is infectious. The timing of his notes and his pitch seems so effortless that there is no doubt he has spent his lifetime devoted to mastering his craft.

From the moment he picked up a guitar at the age of 12, Mike poured every extra moment into practicing. It eased the pain of the loss of his mother at age 10 and gave him an outlet for his life that he still employs every day.

As he says, "If it wasn't for the guitar and music, I think I could have gone the wrong way or direction. It's been a great escape."

When Mike was 18, a very accomplished guitar player who had played for Anne Murray heard him playing in his living room and told him he should get out on the road. "So I took his advice and got my first road gig. I ended up replacing that same guy that had told me to get out on the road," laughs Mike. "Those were big shoes to fill. This guy was a pro player."

Shortly after that first gig he got a call to play for RCA Nashville artist Lee Marlow. "I think we played 50 out of 52 weeks one year. Just non-stop touring." He stayed with Lee for three years, and then joined CCMA - nominated Group of the Year "Sweet Temptation." Since then, Mike has gone on to freelance for various recording artists. "Touring the U.S.A. and Canada has been such a great education. One that could never be taught in a school or from a book. The radio and television shows, and lots of playing has helped me become the player I am today. It has been heavy roadwork at times, but I have learned so much by meeting and working with so many great people and artists."

Some on that list include: Reba McEntire, Steve Wariner, Moe Bandy, Gene Watson and Southern Pacific. "I've made some great memories along the way. One of those was with Grammy Award winner Freddy Fender. He was such a great entertainer and was always encouraging me. He told me on stage one night: "turn it up man, don't be shy, just let it go!"'

Constantly evolving and fine tuning his skills, Mike is always pushing the musical envelope and developing himself and his craft. This never being totally satisfied counterpoint adds contrast and depth to both his approach and performances. Being a true professional both on and off the stage, Mike shares his knowledge and passion for music by doing an array of clinics and workshops. He has done this for numerous music companies throughout his career.

Drawing from a variety of styles including: Country, Rock, Bluegrass, R & B, Blues, and others, Mike utilizes all the characteristic elements found within them as resources for his personal library of musical knowledge.

That library is what makes his playing so unpredictable. He plays from his soul with an honesty that is neither phony nor rehearsed. It is the only way he knows how to play because it is HIS life pouring from his fingertips out onto those strings!

In Kenny Greer's own words: "Mike Murphy is the REAL DEAL! Don't miss him!"


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