From basic to master classes, I have taught for numerous music companies over the years. Through these classes I cover topics from how to become more confident on your instrument to playing better together as a group. These clinics are designed for all ages  and can be applied to any instrument at any level of ability. It can be as simple as a participant learning what type of equipment suits them best for their skill level or style. This helps them in the decision process, which in turn, helps the store, as it makes the purchase much less stressful for both parties. I really enjoy giving back the musical knowledge I have gained through my life’s travels and experiences. Not only do I cover technical aspects of my approach to music, but I also inject knowledge gained from the many lessons that life has taught me along the way. These points and many others are covered in detail at my clinics and workshops.

These include:

• Phrasing, feel and practicing
• Timing
• Tone
• Tuning and intonation
• Gear - effects, amps, guitars, pickups, string

For a more in-depth look at some of my thoughts regarding music, sound, and effects, please read "Chasing Tonal Bliss" and "Stare With Your Ears" in my writings section.

There is a track from a clinic I did of a Jimi Hendrix piece. To listen please go to my music section.

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