Of all the amps I have ever used, I have finally found an amp that has all of the tonal qualities I think a great amp should have. This amp has many signature tonal points of many of my favourite amps all rolled into one.

It’s called a Rokdog Memphis Pro (Mike Murphy). It features 12ax7 preamp tubes and KT-66 power tubes. It has a single twelve-inch Jensen Neo speaker that I find very responsive and punchy. It has a vibrato and reverb in it also that are fantastically warm and lush. It handles the lows really well and keeps my chords and notes tight and focused. Every note of a chord is very distinctive with this amp. What is so amazing is that this amp sounds fat and full at lower volumes also. It sounds great with any type of guitar and pickup combination or effects I use. I’m a fan of hand-wired amps and this is the best example of any one I have ever played. My good friend Doug Cole hand built this amp and put a lot of time, care and effort into it. He used all top quality parts making it. Doug really takes his trade seriously and there is a lot of pride involved in the design of it (from years of tube amp knowledge). Whether it’s an outdoor show, an arena or in the studio, it always sounds incredible. With tone, versatility and reliability this amp has it all and speaks for itself. It is a tone monster. The touch sensitivity of this amp reflects what I say with my guitar with honest replication and complete accuracy. Thanks brother Doug!

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