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I have just released my latest article. It is titled: "TO BOLDLY GO WHERE NO TONE HAS GONE BEFORE". To read the article please visit my writings section.

We have added a track from a clinic I did of a Jimi Hendrix piece. To listen please go to my music section. I have written articles on photographer Nikolitsa Boutieros and Joel Korte's Chase Bliss Audio's effects pedals. To read them please visit my writings section.

Laying tracks for the album "Light Up The Night" by Jess Moskaluke was a great project to be part of and her music is just blowing up on the charts right now. Producer Corey Crowder (Universal Nashville) is a fantastic producer with a great ear for detail. "Cheap Wine And Cigarettes" was certified gold for Canadian Certified Downloads Certification. Jess won the CCMA's Female Vocalist Of The Year award for 2014 and is on a direct course to great achievement.

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Our sons Keagan and Kieran

Life is precious. And when you have children it becomes even more so. One day there is this little person that shows up that resembles you in one way or another, and you never view the world the same after they arrive. You also begin to see once again, the beauty and uniqueness of so many things that you as a grown up, may take for granted. And when you have more than one child, it just doubles the experience. Children bring you back down to view Mother Earth at their eye level. Yes, they can tire you beyond your limit, but they always do that one thing every day that makes you forget all that "other stuff". And the new pronounciation of words that you will learn is just priceless.
Seeing the world as they do will bring you back to the center of life's miraculous treasures. Keagan and Kieran have been the ultimate blessing to Tammy and I, and we thank them both for letting us into their little worlds as much as we have enjoyed bringing them into ours. Mommy and Daddy love you boys!

Kieran (L) and Keagan (R) Murphy 

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